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In the past, asbestos was commonly used in a multitude of applications. However, it is discovered that when damaged, it releases fibres into the air that cause serious health issues. This is the reason that asbestos abatement projects have increased. However, removing asbestos from a building requires professional intervention!

If you need help for your asbestos abatement project in Edmonton, turn to Dewar Western Inc. We launched our asbestos abatement division in 1978 and have gained the experience and knowledge to handle any asbestos removal work since then. Our highly trained asbestos abatement technicians will take care of your project from start to finish.

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Dewar Western Inc. specializes in asbestos abatement of industrial mechanical systems and buildings. Not only will we test and remove the asbestos from your industrial or commercial property, but also replace it with a cost-effective, safe and environmentally acceptable material. We’ll work in accordance with regulated laws and protocols. Health, safety and the environment are all integral components of our asbestos abatement process.

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We’re a full-service asbestos abatement contractor with over 40 years of experience.

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