Learn More About Dewar Western Inc.

Since 1975, Dewar Western Inc. has been providing effective insulation solutions throughout Western Canada. From the oil and gas industry to the power generation sector, we have completed a range of projects for a variety of clients. Our projects start with various contracting strategies including budget estimates, unit rates, fixed fee, and more.

We are committed to offering cost certainty and uncompromising quality of service.

About Our Facility

We own and operate a 20,000 square foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta that provides ample space for our head office and manufacturing of removable soft covers. We also have secure yard space for vehicles, equipment and material.

Our Timeline

In 1975, our company was formed to meet the shifting demands of the industry by providing skilled union insulators. During the past 40+ years, we have built a track record of completing projects on time and within budget while maintaining our core values of quality, safety and integrity.

About Our Team

The management and supervisory team members at Dewar Western Inc. have remained loyal to the company since our inception in 1975. Professional development is a company value that our staff utilize to continually improve their skills, and stay current with evolving insulation products and applications.


Our goal is to provide complete client satisfaction in safety, cost, schedule and productivity.


We are committed to the highest standards in quality, craftsmanship and continued improvements of the services and products we produce, supply and install. Our goal is to remain an industry leader through technology and continual learning, while providing environmentally safe, energy efficient and long-lasting industrial insulation systems.

Our Approach

At Dewar Western Inc., we strive to build client relationships and become an extension of the services they offer. We are committed to cost certainty and exceptional service, catering our contracting strategies to our clients’ needs, and versatile contract options: budget estimates, lump sum bids, reimbursable rates, unit rates, fixed fees, and guaranteed maximum price. Our approach is people focused and guided by our values. We partner with our clients, teams, and suppliers to collaboratively problem-solve and achieve excellence in safety, quality, and execution.

Core Values

Our core values are reliability, respect, transparency, excellence, and integrity. When it comes to reliability, we are not only the experts in insulation but we are also dependable. With our desire to exceed in expectations and go above and beyond in services and satisfaction, we rely on our clients, partners, suppliers, and staff.

From laying the foundation of our approach to establishing relationships and partnerships, respect is the key element. The respect for people and the manner in which we prioritize them leads our approach to safety, quality, innovation, and corporate culture.

Whether it is quality work or mistakes in completing a task, our team takes accountability of our work and adopt a policy of truth with our employees, partners, and clients. We collaborate to solve problems, build trust, and strong relationships with transparency.

Being leaders, we strive to be the best. Through dependability, flexibility, and a commitment to continuous improvement and technological innovation, we uphold excellence in safety, quality, and performance.

At Dewar Western Inc., we live our values, honesty and being ethical. We are people-focused and motivated by excellence; we are accountable, conscientious, consistent, and performance driven.

Company Culture

At Dewar Western Inc., we offer employees a company culture that prioritizes their safety and gives everyone a voice. Every department hosts their own regular safety and information meetings in addition to the company hosting inclusive meetings for all staff. Our leadership is visible, approachable, and engaged, demonstrating that we value each and every position’s role in the company’s success. As a result, Dewar Western’s team includes many long-term employees (from 10 to over 25 years of service) who know that their roles are integral to our operations. In the field, we maintain our positive work culture, ensuring that properly trained workers are in the right jobs and valuing the work that they do.